Why host your Plex Server with us?

We only use enterprise hardware, hosted in either Germany, Frankfurt, this allows us to provide you with a solid always on experience, without the need for local power & internet fee's, our nodes are built on the following powerful hardware.

Enterprise HGST Storage Arrays, with Fast Raid Cache
Dual E5-2640V4 CPU's
128GB DDR4 ECC Ram
Connected to our 20Gbps Backbone via multiple 1Gbps connections

Is my data private?
Every service is in a dedicated VM container, neither ZXPlay or a 3rd party can access your content, meaning your private files & family content is secure. With the ability of Plex sharing your able to decide who can access each of your individual Plex Library's.
Need more resources?
We can customize plan's as required, and grow within minimal downtime, from 1TB to 60TB of Storage, from 2 CPU Cores to 20 CPU Cores, please contact sales@zxhost.co.uk to en-quire further with your requirements.
What are my OS Choices?
We support all flavours of Linux, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu aswell as support for Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2 either BYO License or an additional monthly cost for an included license. We can also install and provide a full Linux GUI/VNC setup on request.
How many concurrent streams can it handle?

This depends on many factors that Plex uses to decide upon the method of playback to a client, this is based around (Client Quality Setting / Video & Audio Bitrate/Client file format support).
On average a 720p will require a CPU benchmark of 1500, and a 1080P will require 2000, however due to Plex ability to transcode and cache ahead, multiple streams can make use of this CPU time while another transcode session makes uses of the buffered content.

Is there a bandwidth limit?

Each package comes with a set bandwidth limit, we only count outgoing bandwidth, incoming is not charged or counted, extra outgoing bandwidth can be purchased @ £4/TB + VAT and large discounts for bulk storage.

We have 20Gbps of external capacity on our core network, with multiple 1Gbps connection to each physical server, and upgrade our connectivity when required to keep a non-congested network.

Can I install other software?
You have full root access and may install any software or make any configurations changes you require, ZXPlay will fully support the OS & Plex, and will provide best endeavor support for 3rd party applications
What technology do you use?
We make use of KVM/QEMU technology, allowing us to guarantee resources and give you full control of yourVM via our out-of-band access, make bios changes or reinstall any OS using our ISO mounting technology, all from within our management area.
How do I install Plex?
We provide a fully managed experience, from installing, configuring and updating Plex & your OS, upon ordering please open a ticket with out support team if you require support with the setup of your environment.